V&M Backgrounds 11/16

Backgrounds for the book pages are nearly complete! Posted the last page too, which is in the early design stage with layers of clutter piled on. Phase one done.

Dog Dreams

Here’s a page of Dog Dreams for the book, featuring a Carrot Bird, a Pea Pod Bird, a Melon Car, a Cloud Car, a Squirrel Man, a Tomato Squirrel, a Flower Zucchini, and some tomatoes, melons and flowers.

Backgrounds for Flat Dogs

The (Verisimilitude & Moxie) book project continues with work on pages and pages of backgrounds, sketches and doo-dads! Flat dogs and words to be added at a later stage.

More Flat Dogs

Four more sketches. Different styles, trying things out. Should probably make 100 more then see what’s doin’. OK then.  

Flat Dogs

Working on some new ideas. Here’s some quick digital sketches of flat dogs that are more color studies than actual illos. Flat dogs!